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Norrköping Municipality was the first municipality in Sweden to become a Mitt Liv partner, and the partnership has been ongoing since 2014. Over the years they have received and benefited from strategic guidance, competence development, network meetings, mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans, D&I information emails and marketing. The following is a selection of services provided by Mitt Liv during the course of the partnership:

As a major employer in the region, we felt the need and desire to do something in relation to the integration issue. The time was right to develop a partnership with Mitt Liv with regard to these issues, and it was – and still is – important for us to be able to contribute to positive developments in society. The partnership form of collaboration enables us to do this. Considering our future needs when it comes to skills supply, working with integration and diversity is clearly a success factor for us

Maria Söderberg

Maria Söderberg
HR Director, Norrköping Municipality

Tailored work environment course for health & safety officers

One of many training initiatives that have been implemented within the framework of the partnership with Mitt Liv took place in the autumn of 2019 when Norrköping Municipality held their annual work environment day for managers and health & safety officers on the theme of inclusion. In total, 360 people were invited to attend and received training from Mitt Liv in relation to active measures associated with norms and attitudes in the psychosocial work environment.

Mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans

Since the start of their partnership with Mitt Liv, Norrköping Municipality have encouraged their employees to become involved as mentors in the Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program. The number of applications has increased each year, and there are now also many mentors who participate in the program on a recurring basis. Through this initiative, Norrköping Municipality wants to help create a shorter path to appropriate jobs in Sweden for qualified job seekers with a foreign background. In this context, and as a major employer in the region, Norrköping Municipality have the capacity to contribute to the program with the knowledge and experience possessed by their employees – a concrete undertaking that actively contributes to integration in the labour market while also enabling the organisation’s employees to further develop their leadership skills and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

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