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Choosing Mitt Liv was a natural choice for us

Choosing Mitt Liv was a natural choice for us

At our partner company Duni, Saloni Deva and Marie Davies are Mitt Liv mentors while Vaishali Kharade participated as a mentee in Mitt Livs Chans mentorship programme. Vaishali was supported by Mitt Liv on her way to landing a position at Duni. The three of them got together to discuss their experience in Mitt Livs Chans and what working with the organisation has meant for them.

 Photo (L to R): Vaishali, Marie and Saloni

Why did you apply for the mentorship programme?

Marie Davies (MD): I feel that how we help people to integrate, and taking responsibility for where we live and work, is really important. And, of course, helping people feels good.

Saloni Deva (SD): Having moved around a lot myself I know about some of the challenges people moving to a new country face. It’s not easy and I wanted to help.

80% of jobs are gained through one’s network, Mitt Liv offers a great way in.

How was your relationship with your mentor?

Vaishali Kharade (VK): Very good – Fatime (Mitt Livs Chans programme manager) was such a help. She provided confidence-inspiring guidance on many things and even gave me the initial heads-up on the Duni position! I also attended workshops with multiple mentors, and they were incredibly useful too.

What have you gained from the mentorship program?

MD: In addition to everything else, I’ve made useful contacts. My mentee is very senior and highly-qualified. We plan to stay in touch, meeting every once in a while, to swap notes. Mitt Liv is part of something so important, making Swedish society more inclusive and diverse.

SD: I’d echo that – and also say that meeting the other mentors and mentees has provided a great way in to growing my network in both Malmö and Copenhagen.

How did you organise the mentor and mentee relationship?

VK: You define it in the way that suits both parties best. In my case, my mentor was on maternity leave so we chatted on the phone and corresponded by mail a lot.

SD: You set your own agenda. It’s very flexible and surprising how much you can help and learn from each other. On top of the bi-monthly meetings we organised ourselves, there are also six meetings spread over four months, where mentors and mentees get together as a group. It feels great to be so hands-on and feel part of something bigger.

Why did Duni choose to partner with Mitt Liv?

SD: As a creative global organisation, we value diversity very highly. In fact, we see promoting it as business-critical. So choosing to partner with Mitt Liv was a natural choice for us.

Would you recommend being a mentor?

MD: I would say just do it! It’s lots of fun, you get to help people and learn a lot about yourself.

Text: Sofie Lindström, Duni

Click here to learn more about Mitt Livs Chans mentorship programme


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