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"Life do not come with an instruction manual" - Interview with our previous mentee Girish


Girish participated in Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program during the fall of 2019. We asked Girish three quick questions - read more about what the mentorship has meant to him, his advice for job searchers in Sweden and what he dreams of for the future.


What has Mitt Livs Chans meant to you as a mentee?

- I am a very firm believer of the fact that everyone needs mentor in all the different aspect of life. Life do not come with an instruction manual and we need someone to guide us in our career, just like in sports we have coach for every game we play. Mitt Livs Chans was my torch light in the labour market wherein I was an alien. The program made me understand the importance of networking, and my mentor gave me insights about my CV and helped me in composing cover letter that was more relevant to the job I was applying. 

Do you have any tips for others that have moved to Sweden and are looking for a job? 

- A few things that are very common yet forgotten while searching for the job is: 

  1. Most important is to attend conferences/workshops and connect with people relevant to your field of interest to seek referral
  2. A one page CV which can be supplemented with more information if the recruiter asks for
  3. A customized cover letter that is relevant to the position you are applying to.  

What is your future dream as a professional?   

- I always wanted to work in the field which helps in alleviating human suffering. An organization that makes green impact and leave fewer human footprints on planet that impact the environment negatively. Also, I feel as a human we consume so much from our environment/planet so we must think of ways to contribute by giving back to society in whatever positive way we can. In this way we can build an ecosystem that support society/nation in general. 

About Girish Kumar Maurya:  

  • Educational background: B.Sc. Biotechnology, PG - International Business
  • Current job title: Business Development Manager Europe at Vironova AB


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This interview has previously been published Mitt Livs Impact Report 2019. Do you want to read more about what effects our work has for our target groups?

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