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Reflection from Sadaf Saremi: I have felt at home from the first day

Reflection from Sadaf Saremi: I have felt at home from the first day

After 4 months, I have another chance to share my experiences of the Stena Metall Diversity and Competence Program. Initially, we all took part in an introduction course. It was very helpful to learn more about how Stena Metall works as a company. I found out about Stena's business, its core values, and learned about safety, the Group’s principles, and the different systems it uses. I enjoyed the parts about the code of conduct, sustainability and safety. I have used this information many times while working in the purchasing department.

 I have also been given my own assignments. For example, I am responsible for developing a checklist to evaluate safety, quality standards and working environments at Stena suppliers. I am also working on purchasing processes with the guidance of my supervisor.

Compared with my country, there is less bureaucracy in the workplace, which I like very much. Visiting branches and meeting several managers helped me get to know the different departments within Stena. My supervisor and I had several follow-up meetings and these helped us to get to know one another, progress in the program and achieve better results in my assignments. My supervisor and other colleagues make suggestions and we discuss how to carry out my assignments but, in the end, I decide how to deliver results that I think are useful.

This experience has improved my communication skills and helped me to be more effective, working both within teams and independently.

Last but not least is the language course. I think I have come a long way and now speak much better Swedish, thanks to Stena, our teacher and all my coworkers, who speak it with me every day.

All my colleagues are friendly and professional, which has made my journey at Stena smooth and enjoyable. It has been a great experience so far and I hope it continues this way.

I have felt at home, welcome and taken care of, from the first day. I think the organization has treated me well as a new employee. After 4 months here, I feel motivated to move on and engage in new challenges.

The original blog was written in Swedish by Sadaf. Click here to read it.

Photo: Västsvenska Handelskammaren

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