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Demo av Mitt Liv's D&I e-learning

Do you need to reach out widely in your organization with the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion and why it is important in your workplace? Do you want an interactive and seamless tool that does the job and provides everyone with a basic training? Keep reading!

We invite you to a demo of our e-learning - an interactive and intuitive learning tool where users navigate through dilemma videos, answer questions, and receive tips on how to think and act in different workplace situations.

The platform has been designed in collaboration with e-learning specialists at Xtractor, guiding users through an intuitive user interface, videos, and smart graphics.

This demo webinar is for those who work with (or want to work more with!) these issues and:

  • want an interactive and seamless tool that enhances competence in diversity and inclusion in your organization.

  • need to roll out a basic training quickly and smoothly.

During the demo, we will show you what the training includes, how it is structured, and how it can be used in your organisation. The demo lasts for 30 minutes, and afterwards, we will open up for questions for those who would like to stay.

Demo av Mitt Liv's D&I e-learning
About Mitt Liv's D&I e-learning

In Mitt Liv's D&I e-learning, users will explore various aspects of diversity and inclusion, including age, religion, language skills, disabilities, LGBTQI, and gender. They will also learn about associated norms and prejudices. The training can be completed in approximately 30 minutes, with the option to pause and resume at any time.

The training aims to:

  • foster understanding about the meaning of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and its importance for individuals, teams, and organisations.

  • enable individuals to recognize the impact and influence they can have through their own behavior and understand their responsibilities as employees and colleagues.