About us

Our vision is an inclusive society and a labour market that values diversity

How it all began

Mitt Liv was founded by Sofia Appelgren in Gothenburg in 2008, born out of a strong conviction that everyone should have equal job opportunities and equal conditions in Swedish working life, and that meetings and interactions enable us to counteract prejudices and grow together. A mentoring program aimed at young people at Angeredsgymnasiet (an upper secondary school in Gothenburg) signalled the start of the journey that has led Mitt Liv to where it is today. Retaining the same vision as when we started, we have grown through the power of entrepreneurship – partly based on the needs of the labour market, and partly based on where we feel that we can use our experience, skills and knowledge to achieve the greatest change and impact in the long term.

Our vision

Since Mitt Liv was first established, we have continued to work on the basis of the same vision, namely the creation of an inclusive society and a labour market that values diversity.

To achieve our vision we currently primarily work with two groups – employers who are in need of knowledge, strategies and concrete tools for successful D&I (diversity and inclusion) activities, and academics with a foreign background who don’t have a job in Sweden that matches their qualifications and competence. Our work method enables us to develop tools and create change together with engaged employers and workers. In this way we see possibilities to create a labour market that values diversity and thus promotes a more competitive Sweden.

Mitt Liv in figures


We currently have around 45 partners in our network.


The organisations we collaborate with provide employment to more than 400,000 people.


Around 1,000 mentees participate in our mentoring program each year.


Each year we provide training to around 14,000 people through our consulting activities.

Impact measurement

Mitt Liv's Impact Report 2022

Take part of our latest impact report in which we present the results of our impact measurements in relation to our partners and the participants in our mentoring program.


Winner in the category "Community" 2023
(SEB Next Awards)

The 101 Most Influential People in Sustainability in Sweden 2017
(Aktuell Hållbarhet)

Sweden’s Best Social Entrepreneur 2013
(Ben & Jerrys)

Ashoka Fellow since 2010

Business Owner of the Year Gothenburg 2015
(The Swedish Federation of Business Owners)

Nominated as Social Actor of the Year 2016
(Gullers Grupp)

Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
(Mid Sweden University)

Our owners & legal entity type

Mitt Liv AB (svb) is a religiously and politically independent limited company with special restriction on profit distribution, which means that any profit earned is reinvested in the business. This restricted right of profit distribution means that the company has the same credibility as a non-profit organisation or a foundation that conducts business activities, but with the major difference that our type of legal entity is highly regulated and is subject to public reporting requirements. This is important for us, as we want to provide full insight and transparency to our owners and partners as well as the general public.

Mitt Liv is currently owned by Axel Johnson AB, Eric Hieltes Stiftelse, Gardell Holding AB, Helichrysum Gruppen AB, Jenny Lindén Urnes, Lenka Prokopec Karlberg, Madeleine Olsson Eriksson, Monique Baer, Sofia Appelgren and Sätila PPI AB (svb).

Board of Directors

Therese Bohlin

Chairperson of the Board

Jan Berntsson

Director / Former CEO Deloitte Sweden

Michel Massadakis

Director / Entrepreneur

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Sean Cory

Director / Oliver Wyman

Sean George

Director / Portfolio Manager

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Sofia Appelgren

Director / Founder Mitt Liv

Our foundation – Mitt Livs Val

Mitt Livs Val is a foundation that was established by Mitt Liv in 2015. The foundation works to provide newly arrived, unaccompanied young immigrants with possibilities to impact their future through programs designed to encourage studies and prepare these young people for the Swedish labour market. Mitt Livs Val focuses on education and work as these are the two primary factors for counteracting social exclusion and providing individuals with a meaningful future.

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