Recruitment Services & Talent Acquisition

Project management of digital or on-site recruitment days

Do you need to broaden your talent pool, find skills in demand, and increase diversity in your workplace? Mitt Liv can assist you in planning and conducting recruitment events that not only attract candidates outside of your usual channels but also provide professional development opportunities for your recruiters.

Planning and setup are based on your needs and managed by Mitt Liv. We carry out your recruitment day digitally or on-site with speed interviews, where candidates and the company have the opportunity to get to know each other quickly and efficiently.

In our basic package, we offer:

  • Project management of a recruitment day with speed interviews - we plan and lead the entire process from start to finish, including regular check-ins with you as the client.

  • Job advertising – we agree on one or more job ads and selection questions to attract the right candidates and advertise the position(s) in our talent pool and network.

  • Candidate selection - assistance with the selection of candidates.

  • Evaluation - we conduct evaluation surveys to collect feedback from both clients and candidates. Additionally, we have an evaluation meeting after the completed assignment to discuss the results.

You can also add:

To ensure that all participants are prepared in the best possible way, we can also conduct workshops for both recruiters and candidates. 

  • Workshop on inclusive and unbiased recruitment - for recruiters and recruiting managers

  • Preparation workshop for candidates - we help selected candidates prepare for interviews in a strategic and efficient way to maximize their chances of success.

Our talent pool and skills base

Our talent pool includes over 4000 candidates with extensive collective international work experience and 120+ nationalities. The majority of the candidates are based in Stockholm and Gothenburg, with Malmö, Linköping, and Norrköping being the next largest cities.

Most of our candidates hold a master's or bachelor's degree, and our wide skills base includes analysts, engineers, economists, banking and finance specialists, administrators, HR experts, graphic and web designers, teachers, communication specialists, data and IT specialists, lawyers and attorneys, accounting specialists, controllers, customer service personnel, logistics specialists, researchers, web experts, and buyers.

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