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The Mitt Livs Chans Mentoring Program

A bridge to the Swedish labour market

Applications are currently being accepted! The next program start date for the whole of Sweden is 14-18 February 2022, and the deadline for submitting your application is 9 January. Since you participate digitally, you are welcome to apply regardless of where you live in Sweden. The program is available in both Swedish and English.

Mitt Livs Chans is Sweden’s largest mentoring program for individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education who don’t have a job in their area of competence. Through mentorship and an expanded contact network, we strive to improve the possibilities for such individuals to find an appropriate job.

Are you looking for a job that matches your qualifications?

Become a mentee and receive support in your job seeking

As a mentee in Mitt Livs Chans, you receive support and guidance from a mentor who is established in the Swedish labour market. During the program’s joint meetings you also have the possibility to expand your professional network through contact with other mentors, and you receive tools designed to make your job-seeking activities more efficient and effective.

Are you established in the Swedish labour market?

Become a mentor and contribute to a more open labour market

Being a mentor in Mitt Livs Chans means that you provide individual support to a person with a foreign background and post-secondary education who doesn’t have a job in Sweden that matches their qualifications. Do you want to make a difference? We are looking for mentors from all levels of companies and organisations who can contribute to our program with their engagement and their experience – it’s a relatively small commitment that can make a huge difference to someone else!

How it works...

Mitt Livs Chans offers two programs per year – one during the autumn and one during the spring. Each program lasts for 4 months, and participation entails a commitment of around 2 hours per month (8 hours in total).

Since you participate digitally, you are welcome to apply regardless of where you live in Sweden. We offer meetings in both Swedish and English.

The program includes:

Mentor/Mentee meetings

At least 4 meetings x 1 hour

During these meetings, the mentee and mentor meet and work together on navigating the Swedish labour market and the mentee’s job-seeking activities. The mentor contributes his/her experience of working life in Sweden and provides the mentee with support and advice. You book these individual meetings yourselves during the course of the program, and it is up to you to decide how you want to meet (e.g. digitally or in person).

Joint Meetings

3 meetings x 75 minutes

During the joint meetings, mentees and mentors meet online for networking and to exchange tips and past experiences on the themes of Networking, Interview Training and Organisational Culture.

Digital Knowledge Platform

Throughout the entire program, all mentees and mentors have access to a digital platform where participants are provided with helpful tips, advice and training materials prior to all meetings. The platform also includes a digital introductory course for mentees and mentors, with useful tools and guidance regarding mentorship and the program.

Impact on our mentees

state that they gain valuable professional contacts.

state that they become better at presenting themselves and their skills.

find a job or trainee position after the program.

of these state that the job/trainee position matches their qualifications.


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Our partners

Our mentors come from a mix of different sectors and industries – just like our mentees! Around half of the mentors in our program come from Mitt Liv’s network of partners:

The team behind our mentoring program

Do you have questions, or would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us!