Through the collaboration, the companies will join Mitt Liv's new network of partners in Switzerland and become a part of Mitt Liv's extensive and established partner network in Sweden and internationally, which includes over 40 organizations. Mitt Liv will host joint knowledge-elevating sessions and varying degrees of support for the companies through consultation, education, and mentoring within Mitt Liv's mentoring program for foreign-born academics.

Shared conviction to take Inclusion and Diversity to the next level

According to the Swiss Skills Shortage Index 2022, Switzerland faces challenges such as a substantial skills shortage (increased by 68% in 2022) and a gender imbalance in the labour market. Here, there is a need to overcome these obstacles and broaden the perspective on diversity to include more groups and individuals in the workforce.

What unites the companies is a profound desire to promote inclusion and diversity within their organisations while also contributing to a fairer and more equitable job market. It involves challenging established norms in the Swiss labour market while addressing the need for skill supply by reaching out to the broad talent pool available.

To achieve lasting change, many stakeholders must engage and work together. These partnerships mark the beginning of a promising journey towards a more inclusive and diverse labour market in Switzerland. What unites all the companies is their strong values and a shared commitment to being the change they wish to see. Mitt Liv looks forward to, together with our new collaborative partners, creating tangible change and inspiring other companies to follow their lead.", says Sofia Appelgren, Founder & Country Manager Switzerland, Mitt Liv.




"Making the future work for EVERYONE – this is not only the purpose statement of the Adecco Group but also our commitment to candidates, clients and colleagues. Adecco Switzerland looks forward to partnering with Mitt Liv to promote an inclusive labor market that values diversity."

- Marcel Keller, Country President Adecco and the Adecco Group Switzerland & Kathrin Choffat, Country Head of HR Switzerland


"Embracing diversity is not just a partnership, it's a promise. Together, our organizations will work towards creating workplaces where everyone's unique skills and perspectives are celebrated. We're grateful for this transformative partnership that strengthens our commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable future in Switzerland and around the world."

- Adriana Delshorts, Country Manager Hult EF Corporate Education, Switzerland


"We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Mitt Liv, a powerful force in driving diversity and inclusion forward. Together, we are committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all. This collaboration marks a significant step towards building a workplace where everyone is welcomed, and where every individual has the opportunity to thrive."

- Heidi Robertson, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion at ABB


"We look forward to a partnership with Mitt Liv in line with Julius Baer’s purpose of creating value beyond wealth. We’re excited to work together with other organisations to support diversity and inclusion in the labour market."

- Guido Ruoss, Head of Human Resources at Julius Baer


Jochen Diehm

"After many years of partnership with our headquarters in Sweden, we are now pleased to work with Mitt Liv in Switzerland to integrate the competitive advantages of diversity and inclusion into our Swiss labour market, for the benefit of all."

- Jochen Diehm, Country Manager SKF Switzerland