Since 2008, Mitt Liv has been working to provide employers with strategies, education and tools to effectively address diversity and inclusion. Additionally, we run Sweden's largest mentor program for individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education who don’t have a job in their area of competence. Annually, we conduct surveys among partners, mentees and mentors to evaluate the impact of these initiatives.

Increase in mentees securing jobs or internships

The effects for the mentees in Mitt Liv's program "Mitt Livs Chans" show that 51% have obtained a job or internship during or after the program, a significant increase from the previous year's 44%. Unemployment for this group also displayed a positive trend in 2022, decreasing from 9% in 2021 to 7.1%, according to Statistics Sweden (SCB).

A large majority of mentees (82%) have also gained one or more new contacts in their professional network. Simultaneously, those who did not secure a job or internship highlighted the lack of contacts and network in Sweden as the biggest obstacle to entering the labour market (61%).

Mentors contribute to diversity and inclusion efforts in their organisations

The measurements also demonstrate significant effects for Mitt Liv's partner organisations, whose employees have engaged as mentors in the program. For instance, 83% state that the mentors have become internal ambassadors for diversity and inclusion matters. Additionally, 100% indicate that the mentors have set a good example by acting inclusively in the workplace, while 79% state that they have contributed energy and motivation to the work on diversity and inclusion.

Nine out of ten mentors also report that they have developed their leadership and coaching skills, and 82% have gained ideas on how their organisation can act more inclusively in the workplace.

"These effects confirm that our mentor program model is a powerful tool, not only for the mentees and the labour market but also for our partner organisations. The mentors become catalysts for change within their organizations, challenging the company culture and existing structures, and driving diversity and inclusion efforts forward," says Lenka Prokopec Karlberg, CEO of Mitt Liv.

Further effects for Mitt Liv's partner organisations show that 95% have undertaken activities to increase diversity during the collaboration, with 89% attributing Mitt Liv's contributions to these efforts. 84% perceive an increase in diversity within their operations during the collaboration, and 88% indicate an increased level of inclusion.

"We live in a time when the demands for companies to work socially sustainably are increasing, from investors, employees, and customers alike. The figures confirm that long-term partnerships and systematic work on diversity and inclusion truly make a difference," says Lenka Prokopec Karlberg.