In the photo: Monique Baer, new shareholder of Mitt Liv, and Sofia Appelgren, Founder of Mitt Liv.

Since October 2023, Mitt Liv has had a presence in Switzerland through partnerships with Adecco, ABB, Hult EF, Julius Baer, and SKF. In collaboration with these companies, Mitt Liv has launched a Swiss pilot of its successful Swedish mentoring program designed for individuals with post-secondary education and a foreign background. The decision to create a subsidiary is a manifestation of Mitt Liv’s commitment to long-term and sustainable work in Switzerland. This move is made possible by a new share issuance, where Monique Baer, a well-known Swiss impact investor and philanthropist, steps in as a new shareholder. 

Monique Baer emphasizes the importance of embracing inclusion and diversity:

ꟷ It is crucial for a modern society. Therefore, I am proud and pleased to become a co-owner of Mitt Liv. There are obstacles to overcome, and we need a broader perspective on these topics specifically here in Switzerland.

With 16 years of experience, Mitt Liv has made significant contributions to inclusion, equity, and diversity (DEI) in Sweden. Their mentoring program supports around 1,000 mentees each year, with 51% of them securing internships or jobs. Additionally, Mitt Liv provides consulting services to several major companies, assisting them in their strategic shift toward an inclusive workplace and recruitment practices. 

Mitt Liv’s expansion to Switzerland is a natural step, driven by the fact that many of its existing clients are established in Central Europe, and there is a clear need for the company’s expertise and processes. According to the Swiss Skills Shortage Index 2022, the country faces a significant skills shortage (increased by 68% in 2022) and an imbalance in gender distribution in the labor market. Overcoming these challenges and broadening the perspective on inclusion and diversity are essential to ensuring that more groups and individuals can enter the workforce. 

ꟷ We strongly believe in thinking globally but acting locally. Much has happened in our field since Mitt Liv was founded. With all our experience, and with so many fantastic companies in Switzerland embarking on an inclusion journey, we look forward to establishing ourselves for the long term. Together with Monique and our founding partners, we aim to drive forward a more inclusive labour market, says Sofia Appelgren, Founder of Mitt Liv.

Christer Gardell, founder of Cevian Capital and one of the owners of Mitt Liv AB through Gardell Holding, emphasizes the importance of responsible business practices and their connection to value:

ꟷ I see an increasingly strong link between value and values. They go hand in hand. When a company acts responsibly, the valuation of the company — and its business results—also increases. This is more than a trend; it is a fact in today’s business world. Therefore, it is excellent that Mitt Liv is taking this step to concretely assist companies in Switzerland, says Christer Gardell.

All owners of Mitt Liv include Axel Johnson AB, Eric Hieltes Stiftelse, Gardell Holding AB, Helichrysum Gruppen AB, Jenny Lindén Urnes, Lenka Prokopec Karlberg, Madeleine Olsson Eriksson, Monique Baer, Sofia Appelgren and Sätila PPI AB (svb).

For more information, please contact:

Sofia Appelgren
Founder, Mitt Liv 
+46 (0) 768 817 815

About Mitt Liv AB (svb)

Mitt Liv is a strategic partner and Sweden’s largest provider of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting services. Since 2008, we have worked towards an inclusive labour market that includes the entire population and all the skills that exist, with a conviction that it is a key to success for society, business, and the individual. Today, we collaborate with several of the country’s largest companies and organisations such as Deloitte, Volvo, SEB and Vattenfall.

We provide employers with strategies, education, and tools to successfully work with DEI, and we also run a mentoring program for individuals with at foreign background and post-secondary education who lack job opportunities corresponding to their skills. In this mentoring program, we annually support around 1,000 mentees, of which 51% secure jobs or internships after the program. Within our consulting business, we train over 14,000 people per year and have approximately 40 partners in our network.

Mitt Liv is a limited liability company (svb), meaning that all profits are reinvested in the organization. We are religiously and politically independent.