In early May, four regional competitions were held across Sweden to select the finalists for The Next Awards. Mitt Liv was proudly announced as one of the top three finalists in the "Community" category, which honors associations and organisations that have made a significant impact on society and promoted sustainability from both social and environmental perspectives.

The grand finale took place on September 14th at the Konserthuset in Stockholm, where the finalists had the opportunity to make their final presentations before the jury.

"This award provides us with a fantastic opportunity to scale the transformative work we do in our mentoring program, as well as our collaborations and initiatives with employers. It gives us renewed vigor and energy to work even more diligently towards an inclusive job market. I am incredibly proud of everyone in our dedicated team who contributes through hard work and commitment to making a real difference in society," said Lenka Prokopec Karlberg, CEO of Mitt Liv.

Jury's Rationale:

With impressive outcomes from short interventions, Mitt Liv takes significant societal responsibility. By helping people find jobs that match their skills, they are changing the perspective of both companies and society at large.

Twenty percent of foreign-born individuals with academic backgrounds are either job seekers or are in roles that do not align with their education. Sweden has too many competent residents who do not have the opportunity to contribute their expertise.

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