Speaker Bio

Claire Karlsson - Head of DEI Strategy & Research

Claire Karlsson has more than 10 years’ experience of competence development in relation to diversity and inclusion issues in working life. Her educational background is primarily within behavioural science, with focus on social and organisational psychology.

Claire has worked in a number of different countries in Europe, Asia and Australia, primarily in leadership roles, and her experiences from a career spanning more than 20 years have fuelled a deep interest in issues concerning diversity, inclusion and gender equality in working life. During her time at Mitt Liv she has successfully worked with a wide range of Swedish and international organisations in both the private and public sectors, supporting them in their diversity and inclusion activities. Some of her most recent assignments have involved clients such as IKEA, Axel Johnson, Volvo Penta and SMHI.

Claire applies her D&I expertise to help organisations understand their needs and to design tailored solutions and tools that support organisations in both their operational and strategic work. In addition, Claire is an engaged and always highly appreciated educator and speaker, who uses her experience to combine the latest research with concrete cases from real life - sparking excitement and engagement for D&I.