Speaker Bio

Lenka Prokopec Karlberg – CEO of Mitt Liv

Lenka Prokopec Karlberg is CEO of Mitt Liv since 2019. She has a degree in business administration, and her career has included previous roles as Head of Partnerships at Generation Pep, Head of Sales at SAS EuroBonus and Head of Business Development at Svenska Dagbladet. Lenka came to Sweden from Czechoslovakia with her family when she was 6 years old, and this is something that has shaped her vision that everyone should have the same conditions for inclusion in the labour market and the same opportunities to contribute their skills and knowledge.

Lenka possesses wide-ranging knowledge in relation to issues concerning diversity, inclusion and the labour market, and she is an engaged speaker who always focuses on current and relevant contexts. Through her experience of operational and strategic roles in different industries, including in both the private and non-profit sectors, Lenka has developed extensive knowledge of issues concerning leadership and the role of a board of directors, and she possesses unique insight into how social sustainability and business value go hand in hand.