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Symposium: An inclusive labour market 2023

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Welcome to An inclusive labour market 2023 – a symposium that highlights the most important measures and solutions to create an inclusive workplace and labour market.

With a varied program, we aim to turn the spotlight on new perspectives, the latest research and concrete tools for a D&I work that can create real change and value in your organisation. Scroll down to check it out!

The symposium is free of charge and will be held in English.

Symposium: An inclusive labour market 2023


Amri and Laurence

Diversity & Inclusion in Sweden and the world today
Amri B. Johnson, CEO Inclusion wins
Laurence Romani, Professor in Management, Stockholm School of Economics

In a stage conversation, we get a global perspective on diversity and inclusion. Amri B. Johnson leads the international cooperative Inclusion wins. He gives us an outlook on the world and tells us about the shift in thought and action that is required of organisations in order for all people to flourish and contribute to set goals. Laurence Romani, a researcher specialized in cross-cultural leadership and diversity, gives us insight into the latest findings about inclusive organisations and their opportunity to contribute to inclusive societies in Sweden and the world.

Laurence Romani is a professor at the department of entrepreneurship and management and heads the business school's Center for Responsible Leadership. Amri B. Johnson is an inclusion strategist and author based in Basel, Switzerland. He has 20 years of experience as a consultant and advisor in leadership and organizational development


From a mentoring program to a top job at Volvo: a success story
Thathsara Palliyaguru, Business Intelligence team member, Volvo Group Strategy
Per Utterbäck, Senior Vice President Group Strategy, Volvo Group

Here’s the story of one of the mentees in Mitt Liv's mentoring program, Thathsara Palliyaguru. She takes us on her journey from Sri Lanka via studies in New York, to Gothenburg and her dream job in Volvo's strategy team. Per Utterbäck, who recruited her, tells us how he uses Mitt Liv's talent pool as a source of ambitious talents. According to him, their rich flora of experience, competence, culture and language skills increase Volvo's innovation and competitiveness.

Thathsara holds a degree in international affairs and geopolitics from the City University of New York, where she also won the Most Dedicated Student Award. Her master's is in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development at Lund University. Per has a 30+ year long career behind him, where a common thread has been to build sustainable teams, organisations, strategies and employees.


Peter Blid

How inclusive are Swedish companies? Fresh figures from Novus
Peter Blid, Strategic Advisor, Novus

We will see the results of a recent Novus survey in which 500 managers and leaders tell us how they see their responsibility for diversity and inclusion, as well as how their organizations work with the issues. The survey has been carried out on behalf of Mitt Liv for the second year, and shows how far Swedish companies have come. Is diversity and inclusion on the top management's agenda? Have more people switched from "talk" to "walk"? And what driving forces and obstacles do they experience along the way?

Peter Blid is a strategic advisor at Novus and has extensive experience in helping companies and organisations with advice to understand the driving forces and needs of different target groups. Before Novus he worked at Sveriges Radio, where he was head of audience and environment analysis. Before that, he has worked at various media and communication agencies and research companies.


CEOs for D&I 2021

Mitt Liv’s CEO program: the pioneers about their results
Sofia Appelgren, founder of Mitt Liv & CEOs for D&I group 1

The CEOs for D&I program was initiated in 2021 by Mitt Liv, to get the trade and industry to scale up their work with diversity and inclusion and reduce exclusion in the labour market. One year after the first group of CEOs finished their program, they present the results of their efforts. What challenges have they faced? How have they developed their organisations and their own personal mindset? In an interview panel, the CEOs share what they’ve gained and inspire concrete action.

Participants: Jan Berntsson (CEO Deloitte Sweden), Simone Margulies (CEO Hemköp och Tempo), Pernilla Bonde (CEO HSB), Jacob Torell (CEO Next Step Group), Thomas Ekman (CEO Dustin Group), Robert Dackeskog (CEO Duni Group), Magnus Rosén (board member and former CEO Nobina), Therese Bohlin (former CEO Prime Weber Shandwick).


CEOs for D&I 2022

From words to action: an action program for company boards and presentation of the CEOs participating in CEOs for D&I 2023
Sofia Appelgren, founder of Mitt Liv & CEOs for D&I group 2

Six CEOs from well-known Swedish companies who participated in Mitt Liv's CEO program in 2022 will present an action program in the form of a dashboard, which targets boards of all Swedish companies. The dashboard is designed to help making demands on management teams to take responsibility for diversity and inclusion in practice. It includes recommendations on how businesses can work to make D&I a reality in the organisation and hence contribute to increased competitiveness.

Sofia Appelgren also presents the hitherto secret names of the CEOs participating in Mitt Liv's program CEOs for D&I in 2023. The well-known organisations range from interior design to industrial technology, from fashion to motoring. Global challenges require cross-border responses - the program now takes the step beyond Sweden's borders and takes on diversity and inclusion internationally.

Participants: Carl Dahlén (CEO Securitas Sweden), Elisabeth Beskow (CEO DNB Sweden), Freddy Sobin (CEO Kicks), Jan Dernestam (CEO Mannheimer Swartling), Joakim Skarborg (CEO Novax), Sofia Götmar-Blomstedt (CEO PWC Sweden).


The necessary transformation in D&I and the IDGs: how to reach the 2030 goals
Pål Dobrin, Organisation and method developer, Empaticus

A session about the abilities and qualities required to truly enforce inclusion and diversity. Pål Dobrin explains the concept of the Inner Development Goals and his ongoing research on the connection between inner and outer transformation. What is required for us to be able to enforce the necessary societal changes to achieve Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals?

Pål Dobrin is a meditation teacher and method developer. His work in the field of adult development includes the course program CARE - finding joy at work, which was developed to work with stress, compassion and culture at Chalmers. He is responsible for methods in a four-year research project at Linköping University that investigates the usefulness of contemplative techniques in the borderland between inner and outer transition.


Lenka Prokopec Karlberg

Strengthening organisational resilience through diversity and inclusion
Lenka Prokopec Karlberg, CEO Mitt Liv

Lenka Prokopec Karlberg talks about global trends and uncertainty factors that affect businesses and organisations today. She shows how diversity and inclusion can strengthen organisations' resilience in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world and presents evidence-based tools to successfully work with D&I. Mitt Liv's Inclusion Survey© and mentoring program are two of the tools used by Mitt Liv's partners that show great effects.

Lenka has been CEO of Mitt Liv since 2019 and has a vast experience from different industries, private as well as non-profit. She has previously been Head of Partnerships at Generation Pep, Head of Sales at SAS EuroBonus & Partners and Head of Business Development at Svenska Dagbladet. Her vision is that everyone should have the same opportunity to be included in the labour market, based on their skills and competence.


Madeleine Opira

Moderator: founder of a think tank for the Million Program areas
Madeleine Opira, founder of the think tank A Million Minds

The think tank A Million Minds works to change the conditions and increase faith in the future among youth who live in the Stockholm housing projects.

For her persistent work, Madeleine has been named "Challenger of the year" (Årets Uppstickare) by Shortcut and one of Sweden's future most powerful people under the category of alternative opinion leaders by TCO. She has also written the book Generation Integration, has been designated as a change leader by Reach for Change and holds a Master of Science in Social Business & Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics and a degree in law from Leicester University.

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