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Our impact is our most important driver

For us it is important that everything we do contributes to our vision of an inclusive society and a labour market that values diversity, which is why we perform annual impact measurements to assess our impact. Below you can find our annual impact reports as well as other reports and initiatives that form part of our work aimed at achieving impact.

Impact Reports

Impact Report 2022
Impact Report 2021 (summary in English)
Impact Report 2020 (in Swedish)
Impact Report 2019 (in Swedish)
Impact Report 2018 (in Swedish)
Impact Report 2017 (in Swedish)
Impact Report 2016 (in Swedish)

More reports from Mitt Liv

Report 2023: Managers' views on inclusion and diversity (in Swedish)
Report 2022: Managers' views on inclusion and diversity (in Swedish)
Report: What are the characteristics of an inclusive workplace? (in Swedish)

A survey from 2018 where foreign-born individuals give their view of what is required of Swedish employers to attract, develop and retain international talent. The report is produced by Mitt Liv in collaboration with United Minds.


CEOs for D&I: Mitt Liv's CEO program

Mitt Liv has under the direction of our founder Sofia Appelgren initiated a CEO program for increased diversity and inclusion in the labor market.

The aim is to get the trade and industry to scale up the work for diversity and inclusion in their organisations, and take responsibility for one of Sweden's biggest societal challenges: exclusion in the labour market. Together, CEOs from a number of companies work to identify opportunities to work more goal-oriented and strategically with the issues - and thus contribute to a more competitive Sweden that includes all the skills and competence available in the labour market.


Annual symposium: An inclusive labour market

Once a year Mitt Liv invites you to an annual symposium, where we highlight the most important measures and solutions to create an inclusive workplace and labour market. With a varied program we aim to turn the spotlight on new perspectives, research and concrete tools for a D&I work that can create real change and value in companies and organisations.

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