Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program

Mitt Livs Chans is Sweden's largest mentoring program for individuals with a foreign background* and post-secondary education, who are missing a job in Sweden equivalent to their field of competence. Through mentorship and and an extended professional network, the purpose of the program is to improve the chances of getting a job within their field. The program lasts for 4 months and gives the mentees a mentor that you meet individually, as well as joint program meetings where mentors and mentees meet to network, make new contacts and deepen understanding of the Swedish job market. The next start throughout Sweden is September 13-17 2021,  and the application deadline is June 13th 2021.

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Program content

Due to Covid-19, all physical networking meet-ups in the program are held digitally on the same dates and times. We also recommend all the individual mentor meetings to be held online until further notice.

Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program has two program starts per year - one in the spring and one in the fall. The program lasts for about 4 months and you can apply no matter where you live in Sweden. To participate, you need to be able to communicate freely in either Swedish or English. The program consists of the following elements:

> Mentor/Mentee Meetings, approx. 4 x 1h: We match mentees and mentors primarily based on educational background, industry and work experience. Within the mentorship, the mentee and the mentor work together to navigate the Swedish labor market and the job searching. The mentor, who is established in the job market, contributes with his/hers experience and gives the mentee support and guidance. The mentee and mentor are themselves responsible to book their individual meetings, and choose how they prefer to meet. 

> Networking Meet-ups, 1 x 2h: During the networking meet-ups mentees and mentors in the program meet to network, make new contacts, and open doors to new job opportunities. When you apply, you decide whether you want to participate in the meet-ups held online or physically in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö or Norrköping/Linköping. Due to Covid-19, all meetings take place digitally for the time being.

> Digital Theme Sessions, 3 x 1h: During the digital theme sessions mentors and mentees from the program meet online to exchange knowledge and experiences and to deepen the mentees’ skills within the subjects of CV strategy, interview training and organizational culture.

> E-learning Platform: Throughout the program all participants have access to an e-learning platform where we publish educational material for our theme sessions. This also includes an introductionary training for mentees and mentors that gives them tools and guidance in preparation for the mentorship and the program.

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*We define foreign background according to SCB's definition, which means that you are foreign born or born in Sweden with two foreign born parents.

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