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Since 2008, Mitt Liv has worked to promote an inclusive labour market that values diversity

Mitt Liv is a leading social enterprise with more than 12 years’ experience of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the labour market. We provide employers with knowledge, strategies and concrete tools for successful D&I activities, and we run Sweden’s largest mentoring program for academics with a foreign background.

Latest news

Effektmätning i Mitt Livs mentorprogram för akademiker med utländsk bakgrund visar att 44% har fått jobb eller praktikplats

20 May 2022

Mitt Liv släpper sin årliga effektrapport som presenterar vilka effekter verksamhetens arbete har haft under föregående verksamhetsår. Resultaten visar bland annat att 44% av deltagarna i Mitt Livs mentorprogram, som riktar sig till akademiker med utländsk bakgrund, har fått jobb eller praktikplats under eller efter programmet - en ökning från 36% föregående pandemiår. Dessutom visar effekterna att de mentorer som deltar i programmet i stor utsträckning blir interna ambassadörer i frågor som rör mångfald och inkludering på sina arbetsplatser.

Eight additional Swedish companies join Mitt Liv’s CEO programme to take action on diversity and inclusion

17 May 2022

Mitt Liv’s first round of "CEOs for Diversity & Inclusion" (D&I) resulted in actionable strategies and solutions for those companies that were represented. Eight CEOs per year are getting the opportunity to be part of the programme, and Mitt Liv is now starting a cooperation with an additional group of CEOs from Kicks, PwC Sweden, DNB Sweden, Securitas, Sizes Construction AB, DanAds, Mannheimer Swartling and Novax. The idea with "CEOs for D&I" is to create a more competitive Sweden through diversity and inclusion, and for the company leaders to inspire others to also take action. Mitt Liv has an ambition to include 40 CEOs to the program within 5 years to create an impact on the labour market.

NGM inleder samarbete med Mitt Liv för att öka mångfalden i svenska tillväxtbolag

11 May 2022

Nordic Growth Market (NGM), en ledande nordisk börs byggd för tillväxtbolagens speciella behov, går in som ny samarbetspartner till Mitt Liv. Samarbetet ligger i linje med NGM:s hållbarhetsarbete och stärker bolagets roll i samhället - att som börs på bästa sätt stötta spännande och innovativa entreprenörsbolag på deras tillväxtresa. Genom att utöka möjligheterna för personer med utländsk bakgrund att komma in i arbetslivet skapas än bättre förutsättningar för fortsatt tillväxt och fler jobb i Sverige.

Mitt Liv Consulting Services

We help you turn words into deeds

Since 2008 we have provided training to and collaborated with employers in both the private and public sectors with regard to issues concerning diversity and inclusion. Our current approach is based on long-term strategic collaborations, although we also undertake one-off activities on a smaller scale as necessary. Together we ensure that your D&I work becomes a natural part of your activities and your overall business strategy.

Mitt Livs Chans Mentoring Program

Mentoring program for academics with a foreign background

Mitt Livs Chans is Sweden’s largest mentoring program for individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education who don’t have a job in their area of competence. Through mentorship and an expanded contact network, we strive to improve the possibilities for such individuals to find an appropriate job in Sweden.

Our impact drives positive development

of our partners have implemented activities to increase their diversity during the collaboration.

of our partners state that their organisation's level of inclusion has increased during the collaboration.

of the mentees in our mentoring program find a job or trainee position.

of the mentors become internal ambassadors on issues concerning D&I in their workplace.

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Research, reports and articles in Swedish and English for those who work with or are interested in issues concerning diversity, inclusion and skills supply.


Meet the people we interact with every day in our activities.

Mentor Hannaneh Yazdi: "In the program you learn from and about each other, no matter if you’re a mentee or a mentor"

Three-time mentor Sinval: ”Stepping out of our comfort zone, that’s how we grow”

"Life do not come with an instruction manual" - Interview with our previous mentee Girish

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