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Since 2008, Mitt Liv has worked to promote an inclusive labour market that values diversity

Mitt Liv is a leading social enterprise who since 2008 has been working with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the labour market. We provide employers with strategies, education, and tools to successfully work with DEI, and we run Sweden’s largest mentoring program for individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education.

Latest news

Business leaders introduce "Courageous Recruitment" for more inclusive hiring processes

17 Jun 2024

Mitt Liv has in collaboration with CEOs from some of the Nordic region's leading companies initiated the development of five concrete actions to reform recruitment processes and make them more inclusive.

New collaboration to strengthen CEOs' abilities in diversity and inclusion

22 May 2024

A new collaboration aims to help CEOs in the business sector enhance their work in increasing diversity and inclusion. The collaboration is between Mitt Liv, a leading partner for diversity, equity and inclusion, and the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education, ranked best in the Nordics for leadership and business development according to the Financial Times. 

Mitt Liv welcomes Therese Bohlin as chairperson and Jan Berntsson as a new board member

11 Apr 2024

At the annual general meeting on March 26th, Therese Bohlin was elected as the new chairperson of the board. Simultaneously, Jan Berntsson, former CEO of Deloitte, was welcomed as a new board member. Furthermore, the meeting decided on a rights issue where Monique Baer joins as a new shareholder. 

Mitt Liv Consulting Services

We help you turn words into action

Since 2008 we have provided training to and collaborated with employers in both the private and public sectors with regard to issues concerning diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Our current approach is based on long-term strategic collaborations, although we also undertake one-off activities on a smaller scale as necessary. Together we ensure that your DEI work becomes a natural part of your activities and your overall business strategy.

Mitt Livs Chans Mentoring Program

Mentoring program for individuals with a foreign background and university-level education

Mitt Livs Chans is Sweden’s largest mentoring program for individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education who don’t have a job in their area of competence. Through mentorship and an expanded contact network, we strive to improve the possibilities for such individuals to find an appropriate job in Sweden.

Our impact drives positive development

of our partners have implemented activities to increase their diversity during the collaboration.

of our partners state that their organisation's level of inclusion has increased during the collaboration.

of the mentees in our mentoring program find a job or trainee position.

of the mentors become internal ambassadors on issues concerning D&I in their workplace.

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Research, reports and articles in Swedish and English for those who work with or are interested in issues concerning diversity, inclusion and skills supply.

Watch the replay

An Inclusive Labour Market 2024

On April 24th, Mitt Liv hosted its annual and third edition of An inclusive labour market – a symposium designed to highlight the latest research, key insights and tools for fostering an inclusive labour market and workplace.


Meet the people we interact with every day in our activities.

"Inspiration and experiences for life" - meet three mentors at SEB

Mentee Nikola Veselská on the importance of networking

"Life do not come with an instruction manual" - Interview with our previous mentee Girish

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