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Here you can, with a few simple clicks, register and get access to our free support material for your inclusion survey. In the material you will find survey questions, as well as a guide on how you can prepare your organisation, carry out the survey, analyse the answers, and follow up and work with the results. 

The inclusion survey in brief

Mitt Liv’s inclusion survey consists of 8 questions plus a self-identification part and is our contribution to finding a reliable standard for organisations to examine their level of employee inclusion. The format is research-based and we have also been practical in the design of the questions so that organisations can easily follow up with activities depending on what the results of the survey are.

Why measure inclusion?

A high level of inclusion is primarily important for people to feel good at work, which is a prerequisite for doing their job well, but also for organisations to realise all the potential (business drivers) of groups with many differences (diversity).

Every organisation has a responsibility to make employees feel included. Here, an inclusion survey provides insight into how things stand and what work is required to raise the level and correct any deficiencies.

At Mitt Liv, we have been working since 2008 in helping organisations increasing their level of inclusion. It is a matter of both raising the knowledge level around the topic and making sure they work with it on daily basis, even if it is just with small means.

Are you considering starting to measure inclusion and need support or advice? 

Please contact us! We also offer training, as well as a more comprehensive guide for inclusion measurement that you can buy for your organisation.

"A high level of inclusion is a prerequisite for the employees to feel good in their workplace and for them to be able to reach their greatest possible potential. Our model makes it possible for an organisation to measure the level of inclusion, get help with how to remedy shortcomings, and follow up to see if the measures lead to improvement"
- Lenka Prokopec Karlberg, CEO of Mitt Liv

Ready to go!

Are you already using any of the following platforms for your employee surveys? Here, our inclusion survey is already set up and ready to use.

To get the most out of these surveys, use the support material that you can download at the top of the page.



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Webinar: How to measure inclusion in practice

Watch our webinar from 7 February 2022, where we present our inclusion survey. You will also get an overview of why it’s important to examine inclusion in a workplace, as well as important aspects in terms of preparation, analysis and the legal aspects.