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Our partnership model

As a Mitt Liv partner you make it possible for your organisation to work with diversity and inclusion issues in a long-term and sustainable manner – together with us and our partner network. We provide you and your organisation with tools for the creation of an inclusive work culture, and we help you realise the business gains associated with strategic diversity measures.

A partnership with Mitt Liv gives your company or organisation the opportunity to work with issues concerning diversity, inclusion and equal treatment in a proactive, long-term and practical manner. We currently have around 45 partners in our network, and together we work to promote an inclusive labour market that values diversity.

Our partners

Basic services included in the partnership:

Strategic guidance: Mitt Liv provides expertise and guidance in relation to strategic issues concerning D&I, with focus on the specific needs of your business.

Mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans: Your employees are given an opportunity to become mentors and provide support to an individual with a foreign background and post-secondary education who needs help in navigating the Swedish labour market. Through this mentorship, your organisation contributes to the creation of a more open labour market via a concrete undertaking, although the time involved also represents a sound investment in the professional and personal development of your employees.

Partner network: We arrange network meetings for our partners at least 3 times a year. These network meetings are focused on sharing experiences and knowledge regarding D&I issues. The meetings are arranged and run by Mitt Liv.

D&I information: Our D&I information emails are sent out 4 times a year and contain tips regarding relevant studies, articles, research and statistics concerning D&I in the labour market.

Marketing: We display our partners’ logos on our website and in relevant presentation materials. We also issue a press release in dialogue with each new partner at the start of the partnership. Furthermore, we always try to highlight our partners in other contexts when the opportunity presents itself.

Additional services for an expanded partnership:

Impact on our partners

have implemented activities to increase their level of inclusion and state that Mitt Liv has contributed to these.

state that their organisation's level of inclusion has increased during the partnership.

have implemented activities to increase their diversity and state that Mitt Liv has contributed to these.

have implemented activities for a more inclusive leadership and state that Mitt Liv has contributed to these.

100% would recommend another organisation to become a partner of Mitt Liv.

"We are partners with Mitt Liv because it’s important for us to have an impact on the society where we are. An open and inclusive society is what’s going to help us be a very diverse and global company, have a more inclusive and open workplace, and we know that there are very strong advantages to that. So we are really working in the same direction as Mitt Liv, both inside the company and outside the company."

Eric H Way

Eric H Way
Previous Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Volvo Group


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