"Inspiration and experiences for life" - meet three mentors at SEB

"It's enriching to meet people who are in a different situation than oneself. I learn a lot. It gives energy, inspiration, and experiences for life." Meet three employees from SEB who participated as mentors in the Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program during the fall of 2023, where they share why they chose to participate and how they experienced the program!

Lisa Mattsson, SEB

Lisa Mattsson, office manager in Blekinge.

– There were two things that made me take notice and become interested in the program. One is that I appreciate that SEB as an employer takes initiatives where we can help others to be helped. The other is that I often think about how I can contribute to a better society.

– I have two mentees who I've met several times during the fall. We have a great exchange with each other. I learn a lot.

– It's very enriching to meet people who are not in the same situation as I am, who don't have the same background, live in the same kind of house, have the same kind of friends, drink the same kind of wine, or eat at the same restaurants. It broadens perspectives and hopefully leads to me becoming more open-minded and less prejudiced.

– When you enter into a mentorship, it's important to try to be on the same level as the mentee, not to think that you're in a higher position. Then the interaction is better. If you're interested in leadership but don't have a leadership title, this is a very good practice.


Johan Skogvik, product manager, Investment Management.

– No matter what experiences you have, you can contribute with work-life experience, knowledge of the Swedish labor market, industry terms, the Swedish language, and Swedish corporate culture. Everyone at SEB has some sort of insight into this.

– I'm on my third round in the program and have had mentees with very different backgrounds, from the first one who got an internship at an insurance company halfway through the program to the one who got to 'pitch' on a data analysis task we needed help with at the fund company. One of the two that I coached this fall left the program a few weeks ago because they expected me as a mentor to get a job for them. That's not at all what we do as mentors.

– I can warmly recommend everyone to participate as mentors in the program. It gives experiences for life, while you can contribute to a fellow human being having a more meaningful existence.


Amanda Heinze, who has just started as a client analyst within LC&FI and before that worked as a business advisor in Sollentuna.

– I engaged as a mentor to contribute with the little or big I can do to help people who want to establish themselves and enter the Swedish business community. Then I'm very interested in learning more about other cultures.

Mentorship gives energy. I have felt that I could contribute to helping my mentee with purely practical things like updating their CV and personal letter, but also tips on how to go about applying for jobs in Sweden.

It has given a lot back. I'm inspired by my mentee's courage to leave their homeland, change continents, and learn a foreign language. It shows courage. It has given a lot back and made me think that maybe one shouldn't be so careful and comfortable. It's not so bad to dare to try new things.

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