Preem was a Mitt Liv partner between 2015-2020, a partnership that commenced in conjunction with the company’s development of a D&I (diversity and inclusion) strategy. During the years that followed, the partnership was further developed to also include, among other things, mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans, the production of training videos, weekly advertising of vacant positions to Mitt Liv’s talent pool, and the development of a number of videos involving dilemma scenarios for training purposes. Here is a selection of the services provided by Mitt Liv:

Development of a D&I (diversity and inclusion) strategy

Mitt Liv provided support and guidance to a reference group responsible for the development of Preem’s first D&I strategy. The reference group consisted of representatives from group management, HR, line managers, employees and trade union representatives. Over the course of 5 modules, the group worked on producing definitions, a vision, goals, an action plan, and a plan for implementing the strategy in the organisation. One concrete outcome of this work was that the term inclusion was introduced as a core value of the company.

Training videos with dilemma scenarios

Mitt Liv provided support, in the form of scripts, for the development of a number of training videos involving dilemmas that could arise at a workplace in relation to inclusion.

D&I training videos

Mitt Liv was given the assignment of developing and recording 6 short training videos in relation to diversity and inclusion, with the aim of giving all employees an opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of concepts such as diversity, inclusion, prejudices, cognitive bias and norms. The videos have now been adapted and are available as part of Mitt Liv’s standard range of services.

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