Core values and related issues are important at SMHI, and during 2018 the HR specialists Elin Ring and Anders Magnestrand were given the assignment of implementing an LGBTQ initiative in the organisation. After considering their options, SMHI decided to place this issue in a greater context by implementing an initiative with focus on equal treatment, diversity and inclusion, with LGBTQ as a related theme. When their ambition with this initiative started to take shape, SMHI sought support from Mitt Liv through collaboration in the form of a partnership. Here is a selection of the services provided by Mitt Liv:

As a partner, Mitt Liv has been responsive to our needs. We had lofty ambitions when we began working on this initiative, and so far we feel that we have succeeded well. We have gained excellent insight and understanding in relation to these issues, and we have created good conditions for reflection and dialogue

Anders Magnestrand

Anders Magnestrand
HR-specialist, SMHI

Training program in inclusive leadership for managers and health & safety officers

During a program consisting of three training sessions, Mitt Liv provided training to around 80 managers, leaders and health & safety officers at SMHI. The aim was to provide inspiration, insight and increased knowledge about D&I issues, and to create tools for integrating these issues into the organisation’s regular health & safety work.

Mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans

Within the framework of the partnership, a number of SMHI’s employees have been offered the opportunity to participate as mentors in the Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program – a concrete undertaking whereby the employees in question have provided support and guidance to job-seeking individuals with a foreign background. At the same time, participation in the program has also enabled the mentors to develop their coaching skills and gain a better understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

Training videos

After the partnership had been running for about a year, SMHI also invested in Mitt Liv’s series of training videos for their organisation. The videos provide good basic training in relation to diversity and inclusion, in a manner that all employees can easily undertake digitally, after which they can continue to work with these issues in their respective teams.

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