Speaker Bio

Sofia Appelgren – Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, and founder of Mitt Liv

Sofia Appelgren founded the social enterprise Mitt Liv in 2008 with a strong conviction that everyone should have equal job opportunities and equal conditions in Swedish working life. Mitt Liv has now grown to encompass Sweden’s largest mentoring program for academics with a foreign background as well as consulting activities that provide training to more than 6,000 people each year in relation to issues concerning diversity and inclusion.

Sofia held the role of CEO at the company for 9 years, and during the course of her journey with Mitt Liv she has received many awards, including being named Sweden’s Best Social Entrepreneur by Ben & Jerry’s. She is also an Ashoka Fellow, a prestigious global network for social entrepreneurs. She has been chosen by Time Magazine as Sweden’s representative in their series on Next Generation Leaders, and she has been named as one of the 125 most influential women in the Swedish business community.

Sofia currently works as a senior consultant and opinion leader at Mitt Liv, where she supports organisations in their strategies concerning diversity and inclusion, as well as working to highlight these issues and drive change at a societal level towards a more open labour market. She has extensive experience of labour market issues concerning diversity and inclusion, as well as social entrepreneurship. Sofia is a highly skilled educator and speaker who interacts with her audience and possesses a unique ability to engage and move others.

About Mitt Liv

Established in 2008, Mitt Liv AB (svb) is a social enterprise working for an inclusive society and a job market that values diversity. We actively collaborate with employers, equipping them with strategies and practical tools to successfully work diversity and inclusion.

Within our consultancy operation we train over 14,000 people each year and have around 40 partners in our network. We also run Sweden’s largest mentoring program for individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education who don’t have a job in their area of competence. Through mentorship and an expanded contact network, we strive to improve the possibilities for our mentees to find a job within their field. Each year we support around 1,000 mentees in the program.

Mitt Liv operates as a limited liability company with unique profit distribution limitations, ensuring that any profits are reinvested back into the business.