In the spring of 2018, a training collaboration was initiated between Mitt Liv and Nobina, the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator. Since the start of the collaboration, around 500 managers, leaders and other key persons within Nobina’s organisation have undertaken Mitt Liv’s training program in inclusive leadership.

Training program in inclusive leadership

For many years, Nobina has worked to create a more inclusive work environment, and in 2019 the company was adjudged to have Sweden’s most LGBTQ-friendly workplace.

Today, the Nobina Group has around 11,000 employees in a workforce that is characterised by many different cultural backgrounds, and they also encounter a large degree of diversity through their activities in public transport. One of the reasons that Nobina decided to engage the services of Mitt Liv was the fact that they conducted an in-depth survey of their employees’ work situation. This survey identified certain challenges that could be related to personal attitudes and lack of knowledge about other people.

The aim of the training program was to develop the competence of managers and other leaders with regard to diversity, create awareness and self-insight, and provide tools for implementing an inclusive style of leadership in practice. The participants were provided with a forum where they could discuss challenges with each other, and they received help in critically reflecting on mindset and habitual patterns of behaviour, along with tools designed to help them turn words into deeds and actively lead and work with diversity and inclusion. At the end of the training program, an action plan was produced with details of how the D&I measures would lead to concrete goals in the daily work and thus permeate the entire organisation.

I now perceive a greater degree of openness when it comes to highlighting certain issues. In order to make progress in our work aimed at achieving a sustainable work environment, it is crucial for our employees to feel that they can be themselves and for them to feel included

Hanna Frimansson

Hanna Frimansson
Head of Talent & Performance, Nobina

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