SJR has been a Mitt Liv partner since 2014. During the course of the partnership they have received and benefited from strategic guidance, network meetings, competence development, mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans, D&I information emails and marketing.

As a leading consulting and recruitment firm, SJR is an important actor and influencer in the labour market, which is why they strive to ensure that their gender equality and diversity measures are a natural part of the activities conducted throughout the entire group. A central aspect of the partnership with Mitt Liv has been SJR’s commitment to and involvement in the Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program.

It’s a matter of actually doing something rather than just talking about it. As a mentor, not only are you in close contact with other qualified professionals and thus able to develop a strong network during the program, but you also gain insights into the obstacles that actually exist in the Swedish labour market for individuals with a foreign background. Active engagement helps to highlight these issues in a different way.

Rebecca Dellborg

Rebecca Dellborg
Regional Manager, SJR West

Mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans

Since the start of the partnership, a steady stream of employees from SJR have contributed to Mitt Livs Chans through their mentorship in the program. They realised that the networking opportunities are of great value to the mentors as well as the mentees, and they also quickly became involved in supporting the program meetings by sharing their knowledge of recruiting.

It is now a stated goal of SJR that all of their managers should spend time as mentors at some stage as part of their management training. Over the years a number of candidates from the Mitt Livs Chans program have gone on to obtain jobs through SJR.

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