Vattenfall have been a Mitt Liv partner since 2013, and over the years they have received and benefited from strategic guidance, network meetings, mentorship in Mitt Livs Chans, D&I information emails and marketing. In the autumn of 2020, Vattenfall also engaged the services of Mitt Liv to develop a tool in the form of a tailored training module in inclusive employeeship.

We have a clear strategy for promoting diversity and inclusion within Vattenfall. Increased awareness is the first step, although this must then be backed up by changes to the way we do things. The Leadership Toolbox is a much appreciated tool for creating genuine changes in behaviour and a more diversified and inclusive team and work environment. The partnership with Mitt Liv has consistently been characterised by flexibility, responsiveness, professionalism and expertise. We are delighted to have Mitt Liv as a partner!

Frida Marty Wallgren

Frida Marty Wallgren
D&I Process Manager, Vattenfall

Tailored module in inclusive employeeship for four countries

In 2020 Mitt Liv was given the assignment of developing a training module for inclusive employeeship within the framework of Vattenfall’s "Leadership Toolbox" project.

The module covered the design and content of a series of workshops to be run by the managers in the organisation, with the aim of streamlining the competence development process for employees in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The material was therefore developed in four different languages.

The material is divided into four workshops that guide the participants through reflections and discussions related to the importance of inclusion, achieving consensus on what the term actually means, inclusion in practice through a meeting-based culture, and inclusive behaviour as an individual.

The module was implemented in January 2021 and has already been used by large parts of the organisation, and it is now also part of the work involving Vattenfall’s overall business strategy.

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