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On April 24th, Mitt Liv is hosting its annual and third edition of An Inclusive Labour Market – a symposium designed to highlight key insights and tools for fostering an inclusive labour market and workplace.

This year's event is a must-attend for everyone striving to be at the forefront of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). Anticipate the latest global trends and research on DEI, best practices and tools for successful DEI leadership, a deeper understanding of CSRD and social sustainability, invaluable insights - and live-music from the amazing Triple & Touch! The program and speakers will be be updated continously.

The symposium is free of charge and will be held in English. It will be live-streamed from Volvohallen in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Madeleine Opira

Symposium Moderator / Founder, A Million Minds

Ludvig Strand

Emerging Tech & AI Future Analyst, Axel Johnson

Nicole Gorfer

Group SVP & Global Head Communications, Adecco

Heidi Robertson

Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, ABB

Elisabeth Peregi

VD, Kappahl

Jakub Jankowski

VD, IKEA Industry

Nasim Khosravi

Nasim Khosravi, Head of Axelerate, Axel Johnson

Martin Malmvik

VD, Axel Johnson International

Paula da Silva

VD, P27 Nordic Payments

Alexander Wennergren Helm

VD, Ernströmgruppen

Carl Dahlén

VD, Securitas Sverige

Elisabeth Beskow

VD, DNB Sverige

Freddy Sobin

VD, Kicks

Jan Dernestam

VD, Mannheimer Swartling

Joakim Skarborg

VD, Novax

Sofia Götmar-Blomstedt

VD, PwC Sverige

Sofia Appelgren

Founder & DEI Strategist, Mitt Liv AB (svb)

Lenka Prokopec Karlberg

CEO, Mitt Liv AB (svb)


The program is being updated continously.

Panel discussion: Navigating inclusion challenges in a global context

Industry thought leaders and experts delve into the complexities faced by companies striving for inclusion on a global scale. The conversation aims to uncover challenges and propose tangible solutions, providing a roadmap for companies committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion.

Panelists: Heidi Robertson, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, ABB & Nasim Khosravi, Head of Axelerate, Axel Johnson

AI and Human Rights – balancing AI's ethical challenges and shaping it's opportunities

Explore the dual impact of AI on human rights: its challenges to democracy and human rights, and its potential to revolutionize for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This session offers a critical analysis of AI's role in upholding human rights and reshaping workplace practice.

Speaker: Ludvig Strand, Emerging Tech & AI Future Analyst at Axel Johnson

Panel discussion: The latest DEI research and trends

A panel debate featuring leading experts discussing the most recent research and trends surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion. The forum explores innovative strategies to promote DEI, highlighting key findings and their impact on creating equitable work places.

CEOs for D&I, Group 2: Progress and perspectives - review of the action program one year on

The CEOs for D&I program, launched by Mitt Liv in 2021, aimed to accelerate DEI efforts within the business sector. Now, one year after the group of 2022 concluded their program, they are set to showcase the outcomes and impacts of their dedicated initiatives.

Participants: Carl Dahlén (CEO Securitas Sweden), Elisabeth Beskow (CEO DNB Sweden), Freddy Sobin (CEO Kicks), Jan Dernestam (CEO Mannheimer Swartling), Joakim Skarborg (CEO Novax), Sofia Götmar-Blomstedt (CEO PWC Sweden).

CEOs for D&I, Group 3: Commitment in action - unveiling of the 2023 group's joint action plan 

Participants: Alexander Wennergren Helm (CEO Ernströmgruppen), Elisabeth Peregi (CEO Kappahl), Jakub Jankowski (CEO IKEA Industry), Martin Malmvik (CEO Axel Johnson International) and Paula da Silva (CEO P27 Nordic Payments).

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Watch the replay

An inclusive labour market 2023

Below you can watch the symposium that was broadcasted on March 23, 2023 - with a series of exciting speakers giving you new perspectives, the latest research and inspiration regarding diversity and inclusion matters in the workplace. The event was live-streamed from Volvohallen in Gothenburg.


Sex framstående vd:ar intensifierar arbetet med mångfald, inkludering och kompetensförsörjning genom Mitt Livs vd-program

11 sep 2023

Vi är glada att meddela att sex framstående vd:ar, varav merparten verkar internationellt, har anslutit sig till Mitt Livs vd-program CEOs for D&I (Diversity and Inclusion). Vd:arna för Axel Johnson International, Ernströmgruppen, IKEA Industry, Kappahl, P27 Nordic Payments och Volvo Penta, går samman för att ta mångfalds- och inkluderingsarbetet till en ny nivå och rusta bolagens kommande behov av kompetensförsörjning.

Storbolags-vd:ar ska göra skillnad för ett mer inkluderande Sverige

14 mar 2023

VD:arna för DNB Bank, Kicks, Mannheimer Swartling, Novax, PwC och Securitas har gått samman i Mitt Livs vd-nätverk för mångfald och inkludering, med fokus att göra reell skillnad. Nu vill de ställa krav på fler inkluderande företag och förbinder sig själva till konkreta insatser för tusentals ungdomar som riskerar utanförskap.

Rapport: Svenska företag ökar takten i mångfaldsarbetet – men hindras av vanlig paradox

07 mar 2023

Allt fler av Sveriges företagsledningar arbetar aktivt för att öka mångfalden i företagen, visar en färsk Novusundersökning. Men en paradox lägger krokben för fortsatt utveckling, då man gärna vill attrahera talanger från olika bakgrunder men samtidigt ofta har svårt att identifiera kompetens olik den egna.